Will acrylic paint on fabric start to fade if exposed to the sunlight?

Will acrylic paint on fabric start to fade if exposed to the sunlight?

What will happen to the acrylic paint on fabric if it is exposed to the sunlight for a certain amount of time?

If you want to use acrylic paint on fabric, like on canvas, you may be displaying it by a place of direct sunlight. But what kind of impact does this have on the paint? Will it start to fade the colors and ruin the design’s vibrancy?

Some artists may fear the idea of photodegradation, or the fading of colors caused by sunlight.

Certain mediums and art supplies are susceptible to UV light, like watercolor paint, photographs, and paper. The reason why these items become damaged or fade from the sunlight is because the UV light is breaking down the chemical bonds of pigments or other color bodies. However, acrylic paint itself is usually impenetrable by this.

Generally, it is among the stronger paints that can withstand sunlight. You can easily store your acrylic art pieces in a sunny place and be sure it will rest the same vibrant.

If you want to provide some additional protection, coat the art with varnish right after the work is done.

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