Complete Acrylic Paint Set – 24х Rich Pigment Colors – 12x Art Brushes with Bonus Paint Art Knife & Sponge – for Painting Canvas, Clay, Ceramic

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There’s nothing quite like acrylic paints to bring vivid, easily blendable colors to your artwork. In this kit, you get 24 amazing colors of versatile, quick-drying paint and professional tools that will inspire you to create amazing works of art. Discover the artistic potential of these easy-to-use paints.


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  • Whether you’re a professional artist or an amateur, you’ll enjoy the versatility and vibrancy of acrylic paints. With these quick-drying, non-toxic paints, you can layer and blend color on almost any material, including canvas, to transform it into a work of art. This set comes with 24 colors so that you can bring your vision to life.

    This quality acrylic paint set of 24 colors comes with 15 paintbrushes of various shapes and sizes. These quality brushes are designed to smoothly apply acrylic paint as evenly as markers would, with no-shed bristles and ergonomic handles. They also double as makeup brushes and are of the same quality as those found in professional face painting kits.

    Each color comes in an easy-to-dispense 12ml (4oz) tube of rich pigment. Acrylic paints are fluid and easily applied, and so are suitable for canvas painting and wood crafts, as well as the painting of ceramics and fabrics. This set is perfect for acrylic painting for beginners, pros, and everyone in-between.

    As a bonus gift, we’ll send you an art sponge and a paint mixing knife.

  • Is this set suitable for a professional artist?

    Yes, these high-quality acrylic paints and sturdy brushes are perfect for any painter. We’ve assembled 24 colors to give you a broad range of options, and these paints are easily blended to achieve the perfect hue.

    What comes in the set?

    This set includes 24 colors packaged in 12ml (4oz) tubes, 15 paint brushes of various bristle shapes and sizes, and art sponge suitable for blending acrylics as well as watercolors, and a professional-grade paint mixing knife to help you easily blend colors without dirtying a brush.

    What colors are included?

    This set features some unique shades, including hooker’s green, lemon, yellow, ochre, orange, vermillion, scarlet, crimson, cobalt, cerulean, burnt umber, raw umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna, lavender, ultramarine, viridian, emerald, sap green, and misty rose, as well as black, white, and grey.

    What brush shapes and sizes are included?

    This set includes a range of brush styles and sizes to help you create the precise shapes and strokes you want for your work of art. There is a variety of round, angled, and liner brushes, as well as one filbert, one fan, one glaze, and one flat brush.

    Can I use these paints on materials besides canvas?

    Yes, acrylic paints are remarkable for their versatility. They’re easily applied to wood, ceramics, fabric, and any other porous material. (Just be sure that you prime the material first!). They dry quickly yet retain their brilliant color, and they’re easy to blend and layer.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristiana Johnston
So good!

My husband bought this kit for me, and it's perfect for my needs and more! Everything I needed to start my projects are here, I started right away!
I also adore the packaging, and that this is a family company!

In love with these paints!

I love this brand better than any other ive tried and thats about all of them! Great vibrance and the coverage. Also the canvas panels are better than just the average ones i have gotten in the past. If i could give more than 5 stars i would. Love it!

Yvette Rhoton

I love these products. Great company. Wonderful paint. And the brushes are just what I like!

Pamela Jones
paint class

I recently did a Zoom art and wine class for fifteen physical therapists. They were supplied with the acrylic paint sets of 24 as well as sets of 12 brushes. I was very impressed with the quality and value of these paints and brushes. Everyone had a great time and because they have so much paint left, they want to do another group zoom in the future. Thanks for helping to make this a great success. I will purchase your products for myself in the future.

Great paint set

Great colors and good quality paint, and the brushes are high quality as well!