How To Paint Beautiful Pumpkins With Acrylics: Step-by-step Tutorial

How To Paint Beautiful Pumpkins With Acrylics: Step-by-step Tutorial

Envision the golden hues of autumn, the rustic charm of a pumpkin patch, and the spooky delight of a Halloween scene—this is the atmosphere we’re about to capture on canvas. With the fall season in full swing and Halloween around the corner, there’s no better time to bring the spirit of both occasions into your art. Benicci’s versatile art supplies will ensure that your canvas blooms into a festive celebration of fall’s bounty and Halloween’s playful mystery.

🧑‍🎨 Level: Intermediate
🕑 Estimated time: 45 min



Step 1. Painting Blue Base

Coat your canvas with a tranquil blue using Benicci’s azure and cerulean shades, creating a soft backdrop that will make your pumpkins pop. The blue represents both the crisp fall sky and the eerie Halloween night.


Step 2: Pumpkins Silhouettes and Shades

No sketching required—dive into painting with bold strokes. Use a medium flat brush to block in the pumpkin shapes with a mix of orange and raw sienna. While the paint is still wet, define the form with shadows using burnt umber, and add highlights where the moonlight or street lamps of Halloween might hit.

☝️ Quick Tip: Utilize the palette knife from the Benicci kit to gently scrape through layers of paint for a textured pumpkin surface that's touchably real.


Step 3: Twisting Tendrils and Roots

With a fine round brush, introduce the green and dark brown for the pumpkin stems and roots, creating a stark contrast with the orange. This step gives your pumpkins a grounded appearance and a touch of realism.


Step 4: Details and Depth

Now, enhance the painting with the smaller brushes from your Benicci set. Use the point of a round brush to accentuate the light reflections and shadows, adding layers for depth. Darken the area behind the pumpkins with a mix of ultramarine and black for a dramatic contrast that makes the pumpkins stand out.

☝️ Quick Tip: For a textured effect, try dry brushing some areas. This technique adds a rustic charm to your pumpkins.


With each brushstroke, you’ve not only embraced the aesthetic of autumn but also woven in the whimsical spirit of Halloween. The real magic lies in the details brought to life with Benicci’s Paint Brush Set of 40, each brush crafted to offer you the precision and flexibility needed for intricate details and bold textures. The Acrylic Paint Set of 24 boasts a spectrum of colors that capture the essence of fall and the shadows of All Hallows’ Eve.

For more insight and step-by-step visual guidance, don’t miss our video tutorial. Let your artistic journey be as delightful as a walk through an autumnal forest with Benicci’s art products as your trusted companions.


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Hello. I love your products and will order some soon. However, I would like to know the sizes of the canvases in the paint sets and if they are regular canvases or board canvases.
Thank you!
Thank you.

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