November 12, 2019 1 min read

How to produce amazing abstract paintings by utilizing a method called acrylic pouring to make elegant designs

Acrylic pouring is an easy but fun way to produce unique abstract paintings. It involves blending acrylic paint with a medium to create a thin consistency. If runny enough, it’ll easily spill over your canvas and make a mind-blowing design.

To start, you should select a fluid acrylic paint for more movement, although heavier acrylics should work fine as well as long as you thin it with water.

Then choose a type of a pouring medium, like a wash pour to make a watercolor-like look or a coated pour to enhance the colors.

Other materials may be added to the mix to produce effects in the design, like types of oils to form cells in the paint.

Prepare your work area and you can start to pour. You can pour each paint individually over the canvas or place them all in one cup, place the canvas on top, flip it over, then lift the cup so that it all spills over.

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