How to mix watercolors and get additional colors

How to mix watercolors and get additional colors

The different ways of mixing watercolor paints in your calligraphy supplies for some additional colors to use

 Artists use an array of colors, but it’s a pain when you don’t have the right ones in your art supplies. Instead of buying them, you can simply mix your paints!

Benicci provides a great watercolor brush pen set of 25 colors! Enough to produce a vibrant image, this affordable set will also allow you to mix a significant range of colors too.

There are two ways to mix watercolors. First, decide the hue you're aiming for. If you require more tensed colors, choose the 1st method, if you prefer more transparent shades, move to the second.

The first way to mix watercolors is blending on dry paper, then adding water. Doing this keeps saturation and strong edges.

The other method is to blend on wet paper. Apply some water on paper and then start adding colors one by one, applying directly on wet paper. This gives soft edges and makes a lighter shade.

To know which colors to blend, look at a color wheel. Blending primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) make a secondary color; green (blue and yellow), purple (blue and red), and orange (red and yellow).

Mixing primaries and secondaries make tertiary colors, like red-orange or indigo. Then, mixing three colors makes even more shades, like mustard (yellow, brown, green) or deep purple (brown, pink, blue). Try to experiment with the colors, mixing 2 or 3 of them at once, and see what shades you will get.

Experimenting has never been so easy when you have Benicci supplies!

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