Watercolor Brush Pen Set of 25 Amazing Colors — Paint Pens with Pad and Carry Case

Paint with watercolors with minimal mess by using these wonderful watercolor pens. Create beautiful works of art, add detail to your watercolor paintings, or just enjoy the relaxing movement of the watercolor brush across the included paper pad.


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  • This extraordinary watercolor brush pen set includes 25 colors of high-quality, versatile brush pens with durable nylon tips. Adjust the shapes and strokes by altering the pressure or angle of the pen — it’s like multiple brushes in one! This set includes a watercolor paper pad so that you can go ahead and get started, as well as a convenient carry case. Plus, you’ll get a refillable water pen so that you can blend and diffuse your colors.

    Unlike other drawing pens or watercolor pencils, these brush pens mimic the feeling and results of brush painting, but have the color ready to dispense. You can water down the hues for a pastel look or light wash, or apply heavy pressure with the pen for greater saturation. The pen also allows you to have greater control over the brush and be able to create fine details.

    These paint pens are non-toxic and the color is washable from both clothes and skin, making this set a perfect gift for children or anyone in your life who’s artistically inclined.

  • Is this suitable for professionals?

    Yes, artists of any level can create beautiful works of art with these vibrant paint pens. The no-shed nylon tips help keep your painting free of stray bristles, while the range of colors included are easily blended and washed to create truly stunning watercolor paintings.

    What’s included in this set?

    This professional-quality set includes 25 brush pen markers in a wide range of vivid colors, and one bonus water brush pen to help you blend and diffuse your colors. The kit also includes paper pad and carry case so that you can take it on the go or give as a gift.

    What colors are included?

    These versatile paint pens come in red, crimson, vermillion, orange, yellow born, yellow, vivid green, grey green, dark green, sky blue, ultramarine, dark blue, burnt umber, ochre, neon green, permanent yellow, light purple, neon yellow, light green, light pink, magenta, purple, as well as grey and black.

    Is there a warranty or guarantee?

    Yes! There is a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with this product. We think that you’ll enjoy these watercolor brush pens much more than standard watercolors, watercolor pens, or regular markers, but if not, simply let us know within 90 days for a full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I received a set of the Benicci Brush watercolor pens for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE them!!

Watercolor brush

Very pretty muted colors but unfortunately leak on your hands.

Great for adults or kids

I love painting with my daughter and this is such a innovative way of getting your kids to try new ways to do activities that they already enjoy. These paint pens are so fun and easy to use. The colors are great and they paint so smoothly onto paper.


These pens are going to be great for calligraphy. They are ok for smoothness, perfect for writing. The lines are not easy to snap back on, but that’s the only complaint I have. Love that they give you one that you can fill with whatever you want.

Water brush markers

Loved these pens. And so did my daughter. I gave them to her to use after I tried them for awhile and she used them calligraphy and her art stiff she does and it was all beautiful. Will be using thwm for alot of things to come I am sure. Super easy to use. Easy to clean.