Valentine's Day Watercolor Heart Postcard Tutorial

Valentine's Day Watercolor Heart Postcard Tutorial

It's St.Valentines day! Lets make something special for those we love. A homemade postcard is always a good idea.

In today's tutorial we will learn how to draw and then paint with watercolors a gemstone hart postcard.

To create the structure of our geometric heart chose a HB drawing pencil. It will give us light lines. Also you will need a ruler.

Once you've completed  steps 1-4 we can go ahead and add some color to our postcards.

For watercoloring part of this painting you need yo choose 2-3. We've chosen two colors from our Watercolor Brush Pen Set . The main color (Crimson Red) and our Sky Blue color for the details.

In the Step 5 we need to fill in each section with the main color. On this stage it is important to leave some white space between each section.

Finally, just add your second color and use our water pen to blend these colors.

Let the painting dry and erase the pen.


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