How to Draw a Fox. Step-by-Step Watercolor Instruction

How to Draw a Fox. Step-by-Step Watercolor Instruction

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a realistic watercolor fox in just 5 steps using watercolor paints and Benicci Detailed Brush Set.

Step 1.

A detailed pencil drawing is a good way to start a new painting. Rarely has a good painting resulted from a bad drawing. 

Step 2.

A loose wet into wet wash can establish interest with color. The first brush strokes on white paper are often the scariest part of the painting.

Step 3.

After the paper has completely dried, a new, more controlled wet into wet wash can begin to define the subject.   

Step 4.

Details are added onto dry paper to maintain control over the brushstrokes and define the subject. 

Step 5.

Final details are completed. Values and colors are adjusted. The complete painting is evaluated for uniformity and a fished look.  


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Great advice here! Love the picture, too! (The other morning I came out of the house and found an animal I thought, at first, was a fox in front of my car… The coloring was too gold / blonde for a fox and I realized it was a young coyote. Apparently it had been struck by a car during the night and curled itself up against the curb directly under my right front tire and died…) I am ambivalent about coyotes as I’ve had cats in the past… Thankfully they died naturally, but our suburban neighborhood doesn’t like coyotes for obvious reasons…

Jeff Keith

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