How a Water Brush Pen Can HelpYou Bust Stress and Relax Through Art

How a Water Brush Pen Can HelpYou Bust Stress and Relax Through Art

Research suggests that engaging in creative activity is not only good for your brain but also can have healing effects, particularly for those experiencing mental health issues. Many people live in “beta brain,” or in a state where beta waves encourage attention and decision-making, but also worry and obsession. However, creative activity stimulates alpha waves in the brain, while alpha waves, in turn, encourage mindfulness, and vice versa. Plus, tactile experience supports stress relief by releasing oxytocin.


One excellent tool for those looking to use creativity for relief from stress and depression is Benicci’s watercolor brush pens. These water brush pens provide a unique tactile experience that enhances the health effects of creating an image on paper. Varying the amount of pressure you put on the pen or changing the angle at which you hold it affects how it works. This flexibility allows you to create either sharp lines and feathered strokes, intense color or light washes, or detailed drawing or broad coloring. Experimenting with pens can be a meditative exercise on its own.


Overall, people looking to relieve stress, anxiety, or depression should try doing a creative activity, especially something with a tactile, immersive aspect. Putting a water brush pen to paper can help support their recovery, and it's a great way to engage in self-care.

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