Crafting the Christmas Spirit: Acrylic Still Life Of Festive Table In 5 Steps

Crafting the Christmas Spirit: Acrylic Still Life Of Festive Table In 5 Steps

Imagine a canvas that holds more than just paint — a canvas that captures the very essence of the festive season. Benicci brings this vision to life with an artful twist, showcasing the beauty of everyday homeware transformed into art. In this guide, we reveal our innovative idea to illustrate Benicci's own festive cooking products, like the lustrous Copper Mugs and sturdy Baking Sheets, in a still life that exudes Christmas warmth. Let your surroundings inspire you; each item around you holds the potential to become a beautiful element in a still life painting. This project is more than a painting — it's an invitation to infuse your surroundings with the joyous Christmas mood, using the very products that help create those holiday memories. Let's embark on this creative journey where Benicci’s artistry meets holiday cheer in a canvas celebration.

🧑‍🎨 Level: Intermediate
🕑 Estimated time: 45 min

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Foundation Layer

Sketch: Lightly draw the composition with a pencil, placing the Copper Mugs and Baking Sheets thoughtfully on the canvas.

Base Color: Mix Benicci's golden-yellow acrylic with a little water to thin it out. Use a large flat brush to apply an even base layer. This golden foundation will help illuminate the subsequent layers and bring a sense of warmth to the overall painting.


Step 2: Establishing the Forms

Copper Mugs: With a medium round brush, apply a base of golden-ocher. This base will serve as the undertone for the metallic sheen we will develop through layering.

Christmas Ball: Use a small round brush to apply a base coat of cadmium red, allowing for a rich and vibrant ornament that draws the eye.

Baking Sheet: Block in the shape with a mix of black and titanium white to create a mid-tone grey. A flat brush will help keep the edges clean and the surface even.

Gingerbread Cookies: Use burnt sienna and yellow ochre for the base color of the cookies with a small round brush, which will add to the 'baked' look. Add the white details and face on the cookies to bring them to life.

☝️ Quick Tip: Use masking tape to guide your brush along the edges of the gingerbread men for a crisp outline.


Step 3: Detailing the Copper Mugs

Copper Mugs: Introduce highlights with a mixture of cadmium yellow light and titanium white using a liner brush for precision. Add depth with burnt umber and a touch of ultramarine blue for the shadows. Don't forget to recreate the texture of copper and the characteristic “dents”, which add a touch of realism.

☝️Texture Trick: To make your metallic elements shimmer, lightly dab with a dry brush technique, allowing the texture of the canvas to show through.


Whipped Cream: Use a small filbert brush with titanium white to dab on the whipped cream, creating a fluffy texture.
You can paint the second mug in the same way (we paint it in the end).


Step 4: Bringing in Details and Patterns

Sprinkles on Cream: With the tip of a detail brush, add small dots of crimson red and green to suggest festive sprinkles.

Red Handle: Use a small flat brush with cadmium red to paint the handle, providing a pop of festive color. Add highlights with white to the edges of the baking sheet to make it shine.

Tablecloth Pattern: With a larger flat brush, paint in the checkered pattern using alizarin crimson and a mix of white with a touch of black for the white checks, grounding your composition in holiday tradition.

Pine Branch: Use a small filbert brush and a mix of sap green and burnt umber to paint the pine needles, ensuring they have a natural, varied appearance.


Step 5: Final Accents & Signature Touch

Highlights and Shadows: Use a small round brush with pure titanium white for highlights where the light naturally hits and a mix of burnt umber and ultramarine blue for the deep shadows on the back. This will emphasize the central elements.

☝️Quick Tip: Remember, shadows aren't just grey. Infuse them with the ambient colors of your scene for a more lifelike effect.


Benicci Branding: If you wish, carefully inscribe the Benicci logo on the baking sheet handle using a liner brush for a branded touch (a proud mark of your creative journey with us!).


Nice work!

With these steps, your Benicci-inspired Christmas still life is ready to adorn any space, bringing with it the cheer and serenity of the holiday season. This painting serves as a testament to the joy that can be found in the simple act of creation, using everyday items to compose a scene that resonates with the festive spirit.

Benicci's range of art supplies has been meticulously designed to cater to both the functionality of homeware and the aesthetics of art, bridging the gap between practicality and creativity. We invite you to continue exploring your artistic potential with Benicci, and may your holidays be as bright and colorful as the art you create!

Don’t forget to view our accompanying video tutorial for more guidance and inspiration. Happy holidays, and happy painting!


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