Benicci Paint Brushes vs Makeup Brushes. What brushes for paint are better?

Benicci Paint Brushes vs Makeup Brushes. What brushes for paint are better?

So you want to be a makeup artist. Or you want to up your game. You probably know that the brushes for paint you use are extremely important. Here’s a tip: skip the expensive makeup brush set and get similar or better results with paint brushes set! Options such as the Benicci brushes are more affordable and they work just as well.


The anatomy of a brush

There’s really no difference between a brush intended for makeup and one intended for painting, except that paint brushes come in larger sizes. However, small paint brushes can easily serve as makeup brushes, and given the variety of shapes and bristles, there’s an option for whatever design you want to make.

A brush has three components:

  • Bristles: They can be natural or synthetic. As with paint, each type lends itself to different makeup uses. A good rule of thumb is that natural bristles are better for powder makeup and synthetic bristles are better for liquid makeup.
  • Ferrule: This part clamps the bristles into place. Cheaper brushes tend to have weaker ferrules, which eventually cause the bristles to shed. However, the affordable Benicci set has double-cramped bristles in a strong ferrule to help prevent this.
  • Handle: This is obviously the part you hold. While makeup brush handles tend to be thicker or even decorative, the slender, ergonomic handles of paint brushes can help prevent hand fatigue while creating your beautiful makeup design.

The problem with cheap brushes

Cheap brushes don’t hold powder makeup well and cause scattering, which can easily ruin a design. Meanwhile, liquid makeup can quickly ruin the bristles. Also, cheap brushes typically have low-quality ferrules, which allow the bristles to shed all over your client’s face. Gross!

Which paint brushes are best for makeup?

Many brushes for paint come in the same shapes that you need for applying makeup.

  • Tapered bristles are great for applying eyeliner or making intricate designs.
  • Angled bristles are great for applying eyeshadow or contouring.
  • Round bristles are great for applying eyeshadow for higher-intensity color.
  • Oval bristles are great for blending and making a general wash.
  • Wide brushes are great for blush and bronzer.
  • Fan brushes are great for applying glitter or powder highlighter.

The Benicci set has all these basic shapes


Makeup art can be an expensive pursuit. By knowing where to buy your supplies cheaply, you can save money to invest in the highest quality makeup, while still getting great brushes for a low price. Using paint brushes for makeup leaves you free to create stunning designs that will make your clients happy.

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