Applying and removing the Unicorn face paint made with Face and Body Paint kit

Applying and removing the Unicorn face paint made with Face and Body Paint kit

 Tips for applying and removing face and body paint when producing a fantastically fun unicorn face paint look

Creating a face paint look should be exciting, but not knowing how to properly apply or remove face and body paint could be a disaster. If you want to create an amazing unicorn face paint look, check out these tips!

One of the first steps is to prepare your face. To make sure the paint stays on and doesn’t damage your skin, you should scrub your face clean and moisturize.

When applying, there are multiple items you may want. For example, you may need brushes or sponges. Sponges are good for blending colors on your face and covering a large area of skin, without leaving streaks. Brushes are good for leaving intricate details and different strokes.

Make sure you have water available to rinse these items so your look seems clean.

For removing, most paints typically come off with soap and water. However, if that doesn’t work, you may want to try cold cream, makeup remover, oil, skin wipes, or lotion.

If you want to apply and remove paint easily, check out Benicci’s Face And Body Paint Kit Set Of 12 (Regular Colors). This kit, great for kids, comes with 12 Classic Colors, Flat and Detail Painting Brushes, and 30 Design Stencils. The paint is non-toxic, water-based and FDA compliant and is simply removed with water. Create a funny unicorn face using blue and purple strokes and don’t forget to add a corn!

If you want to get sure you removed all the paint, just apply some tonic with a cotton pad and wipe your skin gently.

Voila! You’ve got a perfect supply with which you are able to apply and remove makeup easily!

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