Face and Body Paint Kit Set of 12 (Metallic Colors)

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Face Paint and Body Painting Kit – Set of 12 Metallic Colors with Bonus Flat and Detail Paint Brushes – Comes w/ 30 Design Stencils – Non Toxic, Water Based and Easy On, Easy Off – FDA Compliant

  • ✓ CREATE ANY LOOK No limits, just your imagery: From Halloween makeup to birthday parties to festivals, this universal face and body kit can achieve a huge variety of looks. The quality face paint brushes allow you to create multiple strokes to master even the most intricate of designs.
  • ✓ NON-TOXIC: Perfectly safe for kids of all ages, this exclusive face paint set is guaranteed not to cause harm if paint is accidentally swallowed. Ideal for keeping kids occupied for hours on end, this facepaint won’t let you down.
  • ✓ 90 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Whilst unlikely, if you’re not 100% satisfied with this kit, simply let us know within the first 90 days of purchase to receive a full refund – no strings attached!
  • ✓ INCLUDES BRUSHES & STENCILS: Unlike many other face paints out there, this kit comes complete with 2 artist paint brushes and 30 face paint stencils - supplying everything needed to easily create fun and vibrant looks.
  • ✓ WASHABLE: It’s no secret that kids face paint can be messy! Luckily, all 12 of these paints are fully washable from both skin and clothes with no harsh scrubbing required. Soap and warm water is all you need!

Customer Reviews

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A little goes a long way.

Good product. A few droplets of water will bring this paint set to life. It also includes silver and gold glitter. Colors are vibrant even on dark sin tones. painted my son's face and it lasted all day. It also washed off easily with a little water. My kid said it felt like normal as if nothing was on his face. So he was double checking all day to make sure it didn't rub off. Lol.

Vibrant face paints!

These face paints are a great product. The colors are very rich, and the price of the paints is very reasonable for the quality of the palette. The kit comes with two brushes, and a bunch of stencils. My niece and nephew were excited when they shipped to my house. We immediately used some of the stencils to paint our faces, and they were easily removed as well. Great product overall!

Nicely organized, good color payoff

The pallete is well organized with the paint pots secured to the base and lids for each color. Spray one spritz of water to activate and get your brush well covered before applying. The color is buildable and pretty vibrant. Awesome for the price!

Best Face Paint Kit Ever!

The colors are vibrant, shimmery, and blend well together. I created many custom colors based on what my students wanted. They stand out on any skin tone and photograph beautifully. The only downside is that if you use a lot of paint (like me) then it will smudge. So i would suggest starting with a little bit of paint and adding a few more layers at a time, but give them time to dry individually. The stencils are perfect and I wipe off excess paint with a wet wipe. I’ve used this kit at several events already and it’s always a hit! It cleans up easily and even if you get it on your clothes it washes out without any issue.

Extremely pleased with these face paints!

I do professional face painting and I was skeptical about ordering these at first, but am so glad that I did. They activate easily with water, the pigments are great. They stay put well after drying and wash off with soap and water. I love the shimmer in all of these. I think I read a few negative reviews, don’t believe them, they must not know much about face paints. Overall I’m extremely pleased with this order!