Luxurious 15 Stage Shower Head Filtration System and Water Softener - Premium Filter Reduces Chemical Content and Helps Prevent Eczema, Allergies

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Enjoy powerful filtering with our shower water filter, from the ultra-fine steel mesh and alkaline ceramic balls to the Vitamin C and coconut activated carbon level.


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    Want to ensure only clean water touches your hair and skin?

    While most people make sure the water they drink does not contain any harmful chemicals, very few pay as much attention to the water they use to shower.

    Shower water can be host to a myriad of chemicals, as well as minerals like calcium and magnesium that can dry the life out of hair and skin. However, you are unsure how to address the problem.

    The Shower Filter by Benicci reduces the chemical content in shower water to help restore your body's natural moisture.

    Bathing in hot water can cause chlorine to vaporize, turning it into a harmful chloroform that fills the air. Our filter ensures you won’t have to expose your body to such a risk. It removes the chemicals in the water that negatively impact your health.

    The shower water goes through these filtering stages:
    ✅ 1 - Ultra-Fine stainless-steel mesh
    ✅ 2 - PP cotton
    ✅ 3 - High-density stainless-steel mesh
    ✅ 4 - Alkaline ceramic balls
    ✅ 5 - Maifan stone
    ✅ 6 - KDF 55
    ✅ 7 - Microporous ceramic balls
    ✅ 8 - Vitamin C
    ✅ 9 - Coconut activated carbon
    ✅ 10 - Germanium balls
    ✅ 11 - Dechlorination ball Calcium Sulfite
    ✅ 12 - Magnetic energy ceramic balls
    ✅ 13 - Ultra-Fine stainless-steel mesh
    ✅ 14 - PP Cotton
    ✅ 15 - High-density stainless steel mesh

    Invigorate your hair, skin, and mental wellbeing with purer showers. The cleaner water can also help stimulate your immune system.

    Here are more reasons to love our filter:
    ✅ Consistent water pressure
    ✅ Get 1 extra cartridge and an additional Teflon tape
    ✅ 2 silicone seals included
    ✅ Comes with a user guide

    Safeguard not only the beauty of your skin and hair, but also your health. Add the Shower Filter by Benicci to your cart TODAY!

  • How many filter stages does the filter?
    It`s a 15-stage filter:
    Ultra-Fine stainless-steel mesh
    PP cotton
    High-density stainless-steel mesh
    Alkaline ceramic balls
    Maifan stone
    KDF 55
    Microporous ceramic balls
    Vitamin C
    Coconut activated carbon
    Germanium balls
    Dechlorination ball Calcium Sulfite
    Magnetic energy ceramic balls
    Ultra-Fine stainless-steel mesh
    PP Cotton
    High-density stainless steel mesh

    How the BENICCI Shower Filter works?
    This filtered shower head for hard water boosts wellness by removing toxins and saturating water with oxygen. Give your body the care it deserves with this shower filter.

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