October 27, 2019 1 min read

Don’t contaminate your watercolor brush with unsafe paint! Understanding which toxic paints you should avoid.

Whether you are a pro or a first-time player with Watercolor paints, you’d definitely like them to be safe. Painting should be peaceful, but using toxic paints could send you into health perils.

Watercolor paints contain pigments suspended in a water-based solution. In general, watercolors are safe to use. However, according to MedlinePlus, some watercolor paints contain unsafe ingredients like cadmium, cobalt, and gum arabic.

Exposure to cobalt may cause rashes, lung and heart problems, and other symptoms. Consuming cadmium could harm the kidneys, lungs, and bones. And gum arabic consumed in large portions may cause nausea, bloating, and excessive gas.

If you’re worried your paints are toxic, check the label. It’s illegal to sell unsafe art products without one. If exposed minimally, wipe it off the skin and drink some water; or you can call Poison Control for advice.

Fortunately, the company Benicci Art won’t make you worry about these ingredients. Through the Benicci website, you can purchase our watercolor brush pen set, with 25 colors! These vibrant brushes work great with any design, crafted with flexible nylon tips. Unlike other paints, our affordable but luxurious paints are 100% non-toxic. Don’t hesitate to experiment and reveal your creativity!

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